Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massages in Al Wakrah, Qatar

Ayurvedic massages are the perfect way for getting relief from many of the pains and aches that trouble our body as well as promoting relaxation. At the Style and Care, the healing treatments start with the application of warm medicated oils prepared using a variety of herbs and spices. Depending on your requirements, our Ayurvedic therapist will use a variety of massage techniques and oils to help you get the maximum benefit from the massage.
Our Ayurvedic massages include

  • Ayurvedic facial massage
  • Ayurvedic full body massage
  • Ayurvedic foot massage
  • Ayurvedic head and shoulder massage

We are one of the leading beauty salons in Al Wakrah Baladiya, Qatar. We offer a wide selection of healing ayurvedic massage therapies that are suitable for everyone, whether it is someone having a health problem or someone who simply wants to relax and de stress. Our massage therapies are catered to suit your individual health requirements and are affordably priced. Enjoy the numerous benefits of an ayurvedic massage at the Style and Care Salon and Massage.

Book an appointment with us for Ayurvedic massages in Al Wakrah, Qatar today and be on your way to a relaxed and healthy body and mind.