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Avail a host of beauty services and massage therapies at the Style and Care and Massage and relax while our expert beauticians give you a great salon experience.

  • Bridal Make-up

Beauty and women are the two sides of a coin.  A bride is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. We, here at style n care accomplish her Big day with supreme perfection.

  • Jewellery Setting  

Wearing jewels are a way to express the women in you. We offer   our exclusive  jewelry setting service to you.

  • Hair Treatments 

Healthy hair plays a superior role in the beauty of a woman. Hair treatments are the ways to improve the health of your hair. This includes  Hair Coloring and Spa, Hair Shaping and Styling, Blow Dry and Hair Cut etc.Your stylist   should be  able to know about the health of your hair  so as to rejuvenate  it. We have a team of experts  here to  solve all your hair related problems and make your hair lively.

  • Henna Design

The putting of Mehndi is a part of tradition and culture. Style n care team is updated with the new trends in Henna design.

  • Nail Care

Every woman desires to have beautifully shaped and stylish nails. At Style and Care we offer professional nail care services that will help to keep your nails looking its best. Our trained beauticians are at hand to provide some pampering nail care for your hands and feet with our manicure and pedicure services with equipments that are fully sterilized.Whatever style you want for your nails, be it chic, trendy or quirky, our team is well experienced to do a perfect job. Let us help you enhance the beauty of your hands and feet with our nail care services.

Nail Care Services
 Acrylic nail extensions
 Classic manicure
 Classic pedicure
 Polish changes
 Spa manicure
 Spa pedicure
Book an appointment with us and enjoy beautiful healthy and stylish nails

  • Acrylic Extension

Make your hands look beautiful with our acrylic nail extensions at the Style and Care Salon. We offer acrylic extension to extend the appearance of your natural nail. Our experienced nail technicians will first prepare your natural nails and then attach the acrylic nails to it. The nails are filed for a smoother and natural look. Once the process is done, you can opt to have them painted with a French white tip or a nail color of your choice. We recommend biweekly filing to keep it looking beautiful.
Schedule an appointment with us the Style and Cares Massage and Salon for all your acrylic extensions requirements.

  • Waxing

Achieve smooth hair free skin with our professional waxing services at the Style and Care. From full body, arms, legs to bikini area, upper lips and forehead to name a few, we do it all. Our beauticians ensure that the waxing is done quickly and as painlessly as possible and use only quality branded products for effective safe hair removal.

Our waxing services include
 Upper lip waxing
 Underarms waxing
 Bikini area waxing
 Full arms waxing
 Half arms waxing
 Full legs waxing
 Half legs waxing

  • Spa  Massages

Melt away tense muscles and sore joints and de stress your body and mind with our spa massages at the Style and Care Salon and Massage. We specialize in various types of massages and utilize different massage techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Our spa massages relax and energize the entire body and bestow a pleasant effect. Our massage therapists are fully qualified with many years of experience to provide massage treatments and techniques that meet your specific needs.
Our spa massages include
 Deep tissue massage
 Foot massage
 Full body salt scrub and massage
 Hot stone massage
 Moroccan massage
 Hydrating body wrap
Come in today and indulge in some great spa massage experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • Postnatal Care

Its very important that women regain their strength and maintain their health after delivery.  Postnatal care includes the treatments for both mom and baby.

  • Ayurvedic massage for relaxation and pain relief

Ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic medicine has become an increasingly popular mode of health management worldwide due to its highly beneficial therapeutic effects. Ayurvedic massages are an important part of ayurvedic therapies. It is a therapy that brings about a general sense of well being and creates deep relaxation in the body and mind. Ayurvedic Massages are performed using specific herbal oils and techniques. It is used for detoxification, treating ailments and injuries, relieving pain and stress, and for relaxation.

Style N Care Salon and Massage, located in Qatar, offer various types of Indian ayurvedic massages depending on your individual requirements. They include:

  1. Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage
  2. Pada abhyanga (Ayurvedic Foot Massage)
  3. Pizhichil
  4. Ilakkizhi and Podikizhi
  5. Shiroabhyanga ( Ayurvedic Head and Shoulder massage)

About Style and Care Salon and Massage

We are one of the leading beauty salons in Al Wakrah Baladiya, Qatar. We offer a wide selection of healing ayurvedic massage therapies that are suitable for everyone, whether it is someone having a health problem or someone who simply wants to relax and de stress. Our massage therapies are catered to suit your individual health requirements and are affordably priced. Enjoy the numerous benefits of an ayurvedic massage at the Style and Care Salon and Massage.

Book an appointment with us today and be on your way to a relaxed and healthy body and mind.